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wildwarriorwomanI am tired of the health industry. I am sick of the tablets, prescriptions and empty promises. I want more from the traditions that fire my knowledge: I want people to heal, I want people to ask themselves the scary stuff, I want people to transcend their limiting beliefs and emotions so they can grow and move forward. Continue reading

Closing the Chapter of Birth: A Sacred Ritual

Closing the Chapter of Birth: A Sacred Ritual

A Sacred Story by Emma Prince…

After becoming linked with my local Maternity Coalition, I gained a higher awareness of many things about pregnancy and birthing, some that I knew of and others that I had never heard of. Upon reading an Article about placental encapsulation, my initial thoughts were confusing; I felt some initial disgust, but also curiosity. I let myself revisit these thoughts as often as necessary and, as I researched the process, I discovered that the benefits for myself outweighed the negative thoughts I had about consuming something that had come from my body. Continue reading

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