Iron Soup – for Women (and their family)

Liver Soup

This soup cooks well in a slow cooker or over low heat. It requires only a few hours of cooking – though I have managed to throw it together quite quickly at times.

It is a perfect soup to support your Liver in the build up to your cycle as it is packed with a variety of Spinach, Kale and Parsley – rich in organic iron, chlorophyll and antioxidants. Broccoli is a valuable source of carotenoids and sulphur-compounds that support hormone metabolism via the liver and Garlic which also promotes gut health (I use potato to thicken the base). I have used organic white potato here but sweet potato works just as well! Continue reading

Raw Coco & Nut Slice


My children resemble African wild dogs when they burst through the front door in the afternoon. I often find them climbing the shelves of the fridge and pantry searching for food scraps like they’ve not eaten for weeks. This is one of 2 ‘arvo’ treats I like to have on hand to avoid sugary snack foods which only serve to exhaust their bodies, ruin their appetite and appreciation for taste. Continue reading

Giving your Super-Market the Flick

Giving your Super-Market the Flick

Did you know that up to 30% of food we buy is wasted, estimated to cost the nation 5-billion plus dollars per year? Or that much of the food stored in super-markets goes out of date before being sold – meaning that the CO2 used to produce it was all in vain? A report by Woolworths in 2013 found that the big weekly shop is dead. Australians spend just 34% of their weekly food budget on their primary shopping day – they are increasingly using the supermarket like a pantry. That’s a win for the Big Super-Market Giants;  not surprising that both Woolworths and Coles have increased their market share, at the expense of independent supermarkets (and the likes of IGA).  Continue reading

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