Paint me with Red Dirt

desert wanderer

My head is buzzing at a frenetic pace. I hear the hum of my daily chores as I blunder through the list of things I do to achieve a happy household. Who am I kidding? I am not even aiming at happy. Most days I am shooting for functional. Like bare basics.

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The Art of Playful Discipline: by Brett Darnesh

The Art of Playful Discipline: by Brett Darnesh

Discipline is meant to be serious, right?

It is nearly impossible to imagine that there are playful discipline strategies. How can this be when there are battles over bedtimes, sibling rivalry, tantrum throwing toddlers and other behaviours that can bring so much frustration to a parent? Most of us as parents were likely to have been meet with hard words or hurtful actions when being disciplined as children. Discipline was serious business. I’m going to let you know that playfulness and discipline are not opposite ends of a spectrum, but playfulness is one of the key strategies for effective discipline that can address issues at their very core.

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Closing the Chapter of Birth: A Sacred Ritual

Closing the Chapter of Birth: A Sacred Ritual

A Sacred Story by Emma Prince…

After becoming linked with my local Maternity Coalition, I gained a higher awareness of many things about pregnancy and birthing, some that I knew of and others that I had never heard of. Upon reading an Article about placental encapsulation, my initial thoughts were confusing; I felt some initial disgust, but also curiosity. I let myself revisit these thoughts as often as necessary and, as I researched the process, I discovered that the benefits for myself outweighed the negative thoughts I had about consuming something that had come from my body. Continue reading

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