Juices for Vitality IV

Juices for Vitality IV

There are a lot of ideas and opinions out there when it comes to diet and health. It can be overwhelming and confusing. Many people sit on a fence of bad habits but good intention and are mostly driven by their addictions and emotional food crutches.

Diet can be tricky. Habits can be hard to change. It is hard to k now who to go to and where to find help.

This is why I believe a simple investment in a decent Juicer can be a great way to start to truly nourish your body’s need for nutrients and to replenish cells with vitality. Juicing bypasses complex digestion and allows your GIT to easily absorb and utilise a range of nutrients such as minerals, vitamins, active enzymes and fibre (especially where you can retain the pulp).  Continue reading

Honour Your Body Detox: The beginning….


Honouring your body takes commitment. And it isn’t just mothers who need this. Most of us are too busy to consider what we are eating, thinking, drinking and doing on a daily basis. We are merely existing: getting by. Living like this can create habits of chaos, mess and a poor head-space. It makes us irritable, confused and our sense of connectedness suffers.

That was me. And I didn’t like it!

I consider myself a very healthy and mindful person. But I was feeling all of the above and could not figure out why? I thought long and hard. I blamed external problems. I thought my kids were just hard work. I always felt like I had “no time” but I soldiered on. I felt reasonably unhappy.
“Bloody hell! Is this it?” I would think to myself day in and day out. I was too tired, too stressed, too pushed all the time. There was no room for “me”. And who the hell was “me” anyway?  Continue reading

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