Childhood Vaccinations: A stormy debate

Mother With Child Art
Sometimes when I talk about the topic of Vaccinations I feel like I am being sucked into a dark and stormy vortex.
Only after my own children were born did I truly ask myself the questions many loving parents do “Is this safe?”. I had to face my own attitude about immunisation, the concept of herd immunity, my trust in the medical and pharmaceutical industry. I never “googled” for information. I never asked family members. I wanted to know real and honest facts and answers to my questions. These answers were not plucked from the AVN. Continue reading

My UN-edited article for the Port Macquarie News


As a Naturopath I often find myself in the situation of counseling parents about their fears and concerns with immunising their children. I am in this position mostly, I believe because of a lack of support and understanding from GP’s. This concerns me.

The notion that the parents of Non-Vaccinated children are stupid, selfish and lazy is absolutely untrue. Most of the people I see and communicate with are intelligent and educated people who hold reasonable concerns for the well being of their family and children.  Continue reading

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