Sugar. Addicted. Kids.







What a sad state of health we are creating for our children. There are as many poor attitudes towards sugar (lollies, sweets, treats) and childhood as what there are junk food options in the supermarket. I see it all the time. Family can be the worst (no offence family – I love you….but) “sugar” represents memories, moments, emotions and happiness to people because it is wrongly (or not always consciously) used to gratify “occasions”. Continue reading

Symbolic Healing of the Body


Symbolism is as old as human kind and forms part of our spiritual and ancestral belief systems. Indigenous cultures, communities and humanity in all forms have relied on symbols to guide, educate and inspire their life journey and evolution; and most importantly to identify them as ‘belonging’ to a tribe, religion, sect, or nationality.

Continue reading

Healthy Weight Rage


Are you ready?” I’d ask myself as I stood in front of my bathroom mirror, 17 years of age staring into the eyes of a girl about to torture her self. I was on the merry go round of bulimia. I was a little overweight, I was depressed and the only thing that could have made everything better was to be skinny.  The kind of skinny where you get noticed.  Continue reading

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