Separating Me…


I am letting go of forever’s and reveling in small moments. I am churning in the vat of mother’s guilt and despair seeking the reassurance of my children’s smiles. Are you okay? Are you happy?

Of course they are not. Continue reading

Sugar. Addicted. Kids.







What a sad state of health we are creating for our children. There are as many poor attitudes towards sugar (lollies, sweets, treats) and childhood as what there are junk food options in the supermarket. I see it all the time. Family can be the worst (no offence family – I love you….but) “sugar” represents memories, moments, emotions and happiness to people because it is wrongly (or not always consciously) used to gratify “occasions”. Continue reading

A baby gone: A child alone


I am folding blankets around little bodies, tucking legs under sheets

Kissing foreheads, the smell of my children on my lips as I leave the room

I am folding leaves against toddler skin, resting his tiny body in the hollow of

A Tree, to keep warm  Continue reading

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