Belle Gibson (what have you done?)







Belle Gibson was the founder of the well-known The Whole Pantry app.  She was a popular online celebrity with a mass following on Facebook and Instagram having claimed that she survived an aggressive form of Brain Cancer which had spread to other areas of her body using alternative therapies and wholefoods.  The Whole Pantry (TWP) app found it’s way to the Apple top 5 of 2013 and her much anticipated cookbook began hitting the stores early this year – Belle would not have been wrong to say she was sitting on top of the world. Continue reading

Symbolic Healing of the Body


Symbolism is as old as human kind and forms part of our spiritual and ancestral belief systems. Indigenous cultures, communities and humanity in all forms have relied on symbols to guide, educate and inspire their life journey and evolution; and most importantly to identify them as ‘belonging’ to a tribe, religion, sect, or nationality.

Continue reading

The Medicine of Pseudo-Science


Naturopaths have a history of being mysteriously miraculous. It was one of the things that piqued my interest in the field (and actually continues to do so) from an early age. At 14 I borrowed a book about Cellular Biology from my local library and developed a keen interest in the body, at that same time I had my 1st visit with a Naturopath and I simply knew it was what I wanted to do.

At 21 years of age I threw myself into study of my own accord. I sacrificed many things to do so, and after 5 years and 2 qualifications I completed my course. The world was my organic free-range oyster.  Continue reading

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