Rosemary & Lemon Ricotta Stuffed Mushrooms















10 small-medium field mushrooms or 5 large

1 tablespoon finely chopped fresh rosemary

1 finely chopped clove of garlic

1/2 a red (spanish) onion finely chopped

Zest of 1 lemon

Juice of 1 lemon

1 1/2 cups of ricotta

1/2 yellow capsicum finely chopped

1/2 red capsicum finely chopped

Finely chopped red or green Chilli to taste

Pepper and salt


Brush the mushrooms clean and remove the stalks, finely chop the stalks and reserve

In a separate bowl mix ricotta and all other ingredients, stir in the finely chopped stalks

Spoon into the center of each mushroom

Place on an oven tray and add enough water to cover the bottom of the tray, about 1/2 cup should do it

Bake in the oven at 180C for 45 minutes

Pimp your Food Options:

Vegan: crumbled Chickpea or Fava Bean Tempeh or Cannelloni Beans or Lentils instead of Ricotta

Paleo: Add some Free range-chicken breast or pulled pork

Dairy Free: Use Organic Silken Tofu or Goats Cheese

Superfoods: Add Dulse flakes (seaweed) or Hemp seeds for extra nutrients such as B12, Iron, Calcium, amino-acids and Essential Fatty Acids

Garnish: Try toasted Sunflower seeds in coconut oil, cinnamon and tamari and mix with fresh Parsley or Basil – these are a great source of vitamin E and the herbs are rich in minerals and anti-oxidants


NakedRebelle (Aloka Canziani) Pimping Input from Melanie Robinson ND BHSc

Aloka’s vision and desire to support all Women on their quest to loving themselves and the skin they’re in is what inspires, motivates & lights her up. Creating a safe & supportive space for women to begin their passage  back to themselves, reconnecting them with their sensual, sacred, sexual, divine & feminine side as well as a love for their body through coaching & workshops.

‘I believe it is a women’s birthright to feel confident in the skin she’s in and to see her own unique beauty,  knowing 100% the freedom she’s gifting herself when she begins this life changing journey. There is something so sacred & beautiful about being  a part of a woman’s journey back to loving herself!’

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Melanie Robinson ND BHSc  Naturopath |Food as Medicine | IGNITE 2015 | Nutrition |  Herbal Medicine | Holistic Counselling | Sacred Healing | Mother | Home Cook

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