Wild Women’s Health

wildwarriorwomanI am tired of the health industry. I am sick of the tablets, prescriptions and empty promises. I want more from the traditions that fire my knowledge: I want people to heal, I want people to ask themselves the scary stuff, I want people to transcend their limiting beliefs and emotions so they can grow and move forward.

Because tablets only work for so long and when the  bottle runs dry you need to know where you are heading. You need to dig deep within your core to know what it is you want from this life. It is a stepping up process – allowing life and music to move within. To be wild, vulnerable and soft.

There are many traditional ways to make your body stronger, healthier &  more immune. I can heal you, if that is what you need. But I cannot choose what it is that lights your fire, that gift belongs to you. It is all that you own – for this life and beyond. And it is truly sacred….

Food can be medicine. Meditation is too, as is Yoga and there is no tablet for what they can do for your body and soul – so please don’t seek within a bottle the true meaning of life. Before you reach for something to make you feel better (a tablet, movie, drink, coffee, chocolate) ask what it is your soul is seeking and answer deeply, softly. Step up and feel the discomfort, be honest with that whisper. Honour your choices with a vision of your becoming. It means feeling, seeing or hearing your purpose in the moment. It means drawing in that yogic breath, shifting your awareness and your hands to the rhythm of health. Because that is what your body seeks – it is how we biologically map ourselves constantly, repeatedly. And it is higher than you think – beyond your comprehension and yet, completely within your power. It is your Intuition. 

So burn dried sage to clear negative energy. Add a crystal to the head of your bed. Paint your face. Make your food with the intention to nourish your breath.

Oh I have turned all ‘hippie’ on you, but modern hippies are a terribly unhealthy bunch of lost souls (*sigh). Your body seeks what you need if only you would listen and stop stuffing weight on top of the messy feelings (loss, grief, loneliness and shame). Let it be….make some room for light, ocean and air. Notice the pain and forgive the shit out of it, because it is You. All of it. Black & White and all kinds of grey colour – it matters, as much as your soul does to the stars that shine within you.

Fold the earth around you. Feel the ground beneath your feet. Cast your circle. Seek the signs around you that frame the life you have been waiting to live, on your terms and by your own voice. This is your time. Rise up and be part of the revolution. Find the Rebelle that whispers in your ear ‘you are enough’. Let her guide you. She resides in no bottle or powder, but in you. Seek her, find her and listen. Deeply, softly..

So be it.

Melanie Robinson Naturopath BHSc Gaia Health Clinic – Port Macquarie. Folder of the Earth – Caster of circles. Sacred well-being and traditional healer. Presenter at IGNITE 2015 “Food as Medicine”. Magazine Contributor. Mother of 2 outrageously awesome boys. Home cook. Foodie. Health Blogger. Realist. Warrior. 


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