Christmas Iced tea

Iced Tea

I love tea, I love it hot, cold, herbal or black. I’m a tea drinker and my family are tea drinkers. This is a beautiful and refreshing Christmas drink: Iced Tea Sangria

Summer is a perfect time for Iced tea and summer means Christmas so I’ve been busy perfecting this years Iced Tea. This blend was the most delicious, so I hope you all refresh and enjoy!

5x tablespoons Gaia Health Detox Blend loose leaf tea

1x tablespoon organic raw honey

1/2 x organic cinnamon quill

1/4 x organic vanilla pod (sliced lengthwise)

1 x Lemon sliced

2 x slices of fresh ginger

1/2 x cup raspberries

4 x Strawberries

1/2 x Orange sliced

10x Grapes

5x Mint leaves

*250ml sparkling mineral water (Optional)


Brew 5 tablespoons of tea, honey and cinnamon in a 1L jug with boiling water and let it steep for 10 minutes.
Strain out loose leaf tea and add fresh lemon, ginger, vanilla and raspberries. Put in fridge and let cool and brew for 6 hours.
Add mineral water*, fresh strawberries, grapes, mint and orange and ice to serve!

This is a personal favourite of mine and will be making an appearance all through summer as a cold “Go To drink” and definitely on the Christmas table.

Enjoy ~Meegs~ xxx

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