Iron Soup – for Women (and their family)

Liver Soup

This soup cooks well in a slow cooker or over low heat. It requires only a few hours of cooking – though I have managed to throw it together quite quickly at times.

It is a perfect soup to support your Liver in the build up to your cycle as it is packed with a variety of Spinach, Kale and Parsley – rich in organic iron, chlorophyll and antioxidants. Broccoli is a valuable source of carotenoids and sulphur-compounds that support hormone metabolism via the liver and Garlic which also promotes gut health (I use potato to thicken the base). I have used organic white potato here but sweet potato works just as well!

4 spinach leaves (stalks removed)

2 leaves of salad spinach or a cup of baby spinach

1 whole head of broccoli

Handful of parsley

2 Kale leaves (stalks removed)

6 medium potatoes

2 medium cloves of garlic (optional you may add 1 whole onion also)

1L of filtered water

Roughly chop all ingredients. Add *filtered water and stock (msg and preservative free – try making your own?). Put on medium heat till the  water boils then reduce heat to cook slowly until all ingredients are soft and tender. I usually blend/pulse the mix using a stick blender (bamix) but don’t over-do it as the potato can become starchy.

Enjoy! Melanie x

Melanie is a Naturopath BHSc specialising in Women & Children’s health, Nutrition, Iridology and Herbal Medicine. She also writes for Nurture Magazine and works from Gaia Health Clinic in Port Macquarie with her colleague Meegan Stephen’s ND.

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