A baby gone: A child alone


I am folding blankets around little bodies, tucking legs under sheets

Kissing foreheads, the smell of my children on my lips as I leave the room

I am folding leaves against toddler skin, resting his tiny body in the hollow of

A Tree, to keep warm 

“Stay out of the cold” I hear myself say

“And don’t cry” like I think he may hear me…..

“They are looking for you”

But they keep walking, scouring, shaking their heads

Holding lips tight

Hopes are fading…..

And I can hear his mother screaming “Don’t stop looking for my baby”.

No-one can stop

Because we are looking for our own babies, in him

We are feeling the curling pain of terror – a child alone;

The weight of every breath she takes against the pain of this

Her baby gone

Please let him be curled up in that tree with

Big leaves over his tiny skin, dirt under his little baby nails

From scratching a bed in the earth that cradles him.

Don’t let him be anywhere else – no car, no stranger because there is a

Greater pain in that: Pain a mother cannot bear

So I place the light of the moon above him

You are a child of the Earth now little child, and

We will always be looking for you….

Melanie Robinson is a Mother of 2 boys, a Naturopath, feeler and writer who sometimes writes to dispel her anxiety. She lives in Port Macquarie NSW, nearby the Kendall community where little William Tyrell remains missing. 

7 responses

  1. I hesitated to read this as my heart is already heavy for this boy and his family. I have a son the same age, and my mind wanders constantly to pictures of my own son alone, cold and frightened out there without me. But your words are beautiful& soft and give me alittle hope that this little man has dug himself a warm and snug place to lie and wait for his Mummy. Thankyou.


    • Me too Kate. My son (4) wandered off at the markets last weekend and his terror of being ‘adrift’ from safety was painful to watch. Little children have BIG feelings. I am coping by thinking of William nestled gently and warmly in the crook of Mother Earth’s arms. That is a choice – till he may be found, of course!It is too much to bear otherwise. xx Thank you for your comment.


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