A Sacred Maternal Goddess


Some days you wake up and cannot be prepared for

What will unfold….

I walked down the corridor to see a child, unwell

In hospital. Paediatric ward. 

A virus betraying her tiny body – a baby’s developing brain:

endless seizures and pain

12 years shared with her family

There now by her side – her brothers in anguish

A father’s only daughter

A mother grieving for her little girl…

Her motherly hands grabbing at her daughters hair, her heaving body in foetal position, her heart breaking….

And I didn’t feel like I deserved to be there

I was not prepared to feel the weight of the world changing in that room

Those little 12-year-old hands

Soft, delicate and cold. I could not help but hold them

Nothing to say, only to feel…..

Death is an injury to the hearts of those left behind

The mother in me screamed “come back – don’t go”

But her mother cooed, like a mother to its baby-child

Her face pressed to her daughter’s cheek

“It’s alright now baby, you’re alright now. I am so proud of you”

And I saw in her mother

The Sacred Maternal Goddess – in her deepest grief offering love.


For her and her daughter now an angel, and the tragic grief

That changes people





Melanie Robinson ND BHSc. Mother. Feeler. Griever…..

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