A Forest: children’s book review

A Forest: children’s book review

I love children’s books. I love that I can share a beautiful moment and creative memory with them; the closeness and warmth of their little bodies as I read. I particularly love to watch their eyes sparkle with the wonder of new adventures and characters.

I take great responsibility in the books we read. I am a little fussy about the images, style, colours and story line. I am not about story book perfection but I want the art and concepts to challenge them and ignite their imagination and sense of the world. 

Recently I came across this gorgeous book by Marc Martin, an illustrator and graphic designer from Melbourne.

I was drawn to the whimsical water-colour pictures and the way they developed to tell the story; the intensity of the images and the simple format of the story.  The story starts with a Tree which becomes a Forest. To begin, when man takes away the trees he replants and regenerates the Forest. Soon big trucks begin to log the forest and buildings are built to replace the trees until all that is left is a big city. A great storm grows around the buildings and washes the city away (which works beautifully with the water colour). Finally all that remains is one little Tree – thus the cycle of regeneration begins again. You can see by the pictures below how the colour and images create the intensity of ‘change’ and then how it returns then to nature and simplicity.

Children learn through images, colour and art. They learn to process feelings from exposure to new ideas and grown-up concepts. This book offers a gentle, colourful, and a simple journey of progress, loss and hope. We really enjoy reading it!

~ Melanie x

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Melanie Robinson is a Naturopath, Mother, and Contributor to The Natural Parent Magazine & passionate reader of books with her children. She believes that reading books to children may help to create a better world of understanding and compassion in our future generations; and that reading to children is one of the most simple joys in life. Here she shares some of her recent favourite children’s books so you too may share simple joy with your children! 

A Forest by Marc Martin: Puffin Books, 2012

Follow this link for more of Marc Martin:  http://thedesignfiles.net/2009/04/marc-martin/

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