The Peeling of a Woman


“I believe that womanhood is a shedding of layers – of young skin, emotional experiences, our failures and triumphs. I call this the peeling

The peeling of a woman involves a journey inwards to find the place where anxiety is quiet; a place where we can draw on our power to grow. It is the ability to stand firm in the midst of many storms but remain true to the wind. Over years we move like a dance between the chapters of our life. Sometimes graceful, other times stumbling from one dance to the other ~ Our feet writing the story of our life as a melody unique to us.
Imagine a musical score of the same pitch and note? How relentless and uninteresting that would be. If I am to write the music to my life I want a Symphony: drums, wind, brass and strings – and throw in some gutsy vocals for good measure! Make it Lana Del Ray. 

I feel that periods of anxiety are pathways towards the true honest self. A journey towards the center of YOU. We feel and fear anxiety mostly because it is inconvenient. It just does not fit in with functional mothering or a happy existence. It is uncomfortable and scary. Yet, like a distant voice calling us to walk within it beckons. For years. Insidious.
And we scramble on our feet. Away. Outside. The dance becomes a mosh-pit.
We are desperate to disconnect. We use other things – like wine, TV, and worry to bemuse our efforts in flicking the anxiety switch “off”.
I have been there.

I see anxiety as a deep whisper from an unsettled soul. It is more of a feeling than a voice, and it has taken me many years to understand this. It settles like a fog in the great valleys of an inner critic, the abandoned child and the dis-empowered mother. Its effects are corrosive and debilitating. If you have anxiety you may think you are the only crazy one – but I can tell you that you are not. You are part of a global pulse. An epidemic if you may.

In a world where we have so many ‘things’ we still struggle to find meaning. Perhaps you believe in God or in some God? Perhaps you do not. It really matters very little because I have seen people on both sides struggling with great anxiety and still handing their power over to another external force in a bid to heal thyself. And each to their own if it works (till the next time). But the insidious nature of anxiety remains that whisper – the calling to go within. Of the many things I like about ageing it is the mistakes and the spiritual endurance I treasure the most. It is at those times that I have used redefining my Self as the balm to soothe my soul. I have become more of a woman, a warrior. I have journeyed within and forgiven much. I am aware of the power in reconnecting to my Self without ego and with great compassion. It is an un-ending journey, one I know I will hear that voice many times…..

Women, mothers can do this as a collective. We can find meaning in family, our homes, our children and partners. Perhaps there are unique ways to you? The sacred energy between us all in the dance of motherhood can be one of great healing. It is about being soulful about your day-to-day. It is about learning to listen and being brave. It is about celebrating each other as different but of the same grain. It is about accepting the power you have on this planet and offering some back – perhaps that is through your children, your work, or your environmental footprint. This is a great place of connectedness. It is womanhood. It is the “peeling”.

Want to know ways to help the peeling? 
Look after your Self
Nourish your body
Create a sacred space/altar & meditate
Celebrate the things you like about your Self
Forgiveness – no matter what!
Let some sunshine into your heart
Be inspired!


Melanie Robinson is a Naturopath BHSc, Mother of 2 young boys, with a love for good healthy food, laughter & Lana Del Ray! She is passionate about living in harmony with her Self and the planet. This she hopes to share with her children in creating a peaceful and happy world. Follow her on

Art: Deliberation by Spanish Illustrator Mario S. Nevado

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