Juices for Vitality IV

Juices for Vitality IV

There are a lot of ideas and opinions out there when it comes to diet and health. It can be overwhelming and confusing. Many people sit on a fence of bad habits but good intention and are mostly driven by their addictions and emotional food crutches.

Diet can be tricky. Habits can be hard to change. It is hard to k now who to go to and where to find help.

This is why I believe a simple investment in a decent Juicer can be a great way to start to truly nourish your body’s need for nutrients and to replenish cells with vitality. Juicing bypasses complex digestion and allows your GIT to easily absorb and utilise a range of nutrients such as minerals, vitamins, active enzymes and fibre (especially where you can retain the pulp). 

Who wouldn’t want that? It is easy, quick and simply delicious. When you begin to feel the benefits of better health, juicing will become your favourite part of the day. Not a bad habit to make at all!

Some tips for juicing: Make your juice and drink it within <24hrs. After you have made a juice you start to loose vitamin content through light and oxygen exposure, and active enzyme activity will also diminish. If you need to store a juice – try to store it a sealed jar in the refrigerator, and even in a brown paper bag to protect it from damage from light.

iPad 198 iPad 200

Lively Liver Juice

#earthy #dense #rich #tasty

1 large stalk of celery

1 whole beetroot

1 kiwi fruit

4 starwberries

1 slice of red cabbage

5 Brussels sprouts

1/2-1 cup of broccoli

*This juice is perfect for people with a sluggish Liver and especially for women who suffer from hormonal disturbances.

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Sublime Lime Juice

#sweet #zingy #satisfying #refreshing

2-3 leaves of fresh kale

1 whole kiwi fruit

1-2 peeled lime

1 large slice of papaya (paw paw)

1 tbsp of chia seeds (add after juicing and stir)

* add some fresh coconut water to this also

iPad 208 iPad 229

Here is another tip: Add some fresh or prepared (but fresh) coconut water to your juices to lighten, sweeten them. Coconut water is naturally sweet, hydrating and perfect in juices – especially if you find juice is too strong or dense or if you want to stretch it  a little further!

Thank you for joining me on this juicing journey. I hope it forms part of your daily act of honouring your health and wellbeing. I hope that you are able to embrace the change that you need to become a better, happier and more vital you.

Honouring yourself is honouring your family, home and community also. The positive effects are far reaching, so invest some time and love into this practice and make it a new healthy habit.

x Melanie

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