Honour Your Body Detox: The beginning….


Honouring your body takes commitment. And it isn’t just mothers who need this. Most of us are too busy to consider what we are eating, thinking, drinking and doing on a daily basis. We are merely existing: getting by. Living like this can create habits of chaos, mess and a poor head-space. It makes us irritable, confused and our sense of connectedness suffers.

That was me. And I didn’t like it!

I consider myself a very healthy and mindful person. But I was feeling all of the above and could not figure out why? I thought long and hard. I blamed external problems. I thought my kids were just hard work. I always felt like I had “no time” but I soldiered on. I felt reasonably unhappy.
“Bloody hell! Is this it?” I would think to myself day in and day out. I was too tired, too stressed, too pushed all the time. There was no room for “me”. And who the hell was “me” anyway? 

Thankfully, I am an advocate for change. Because Life means more to me than just the act of existing. I did not want an act, I wanted the art. So I undertook a pilgrimage deep within my spirit. I slowed down. I made a plan. Here I share it with you in the hope that you may gain some of the insight and healing I have and maybe you can adapt some of these rituals into your day-to-day.

I had to recognise and stop the addictions that I had built around my anxiety and stress levels.

Caffeine, Wine, *Angry music (it’s true!), Sugar, TV, Social Media, Comfort Food. Now as a Naturopath these examples, I can assure you were the healthiest of options in that category…..but that is beside the point. I was still using them in a way to escape. They helped to numb my reality – in the same way they are used by thousands of people every day. (Seriously nice drop this one…)

iPhone 055

I created an Honour Bowl. A large and beautiful dish that I began adorning with things that meant something to me: Candles, Incense, Crystals, Fresh Flowers, Affirmations, Notes, Photographs of family/friends. Each day I made a ritual of rotating the objects on this dish, of changing the flowers, touching the crystals, moving new things onto it in an act of honour to me and my day. It was my version of an offering to that day and to my Self. It gave me a few moments to remember “me”. Priceless.

iPhone 549

I had to recall what things (music, foods, activities) that I not only enjoyed but I loved and defined me. I chose to be proactive in making them my focus. I poured energy into making them a reality. Funnily enough, this came all too easy in time.

I started a game plan of ways to nourish and heal my internal body. I planned on committing a great deal of energy into this practice. For me, healthy food and well-being is a passion and the greatest act of honour. This was to be a fast of sorts – a live and vital Juice detox/fast. This was not going to be about deprivation! I have done many of those types of detoxes, I needed LIFE giving purification. And I got it!

iPad 151

I surrounded myself with people and family that supported me and influenced me creatively. I wanted to feel love and be loved. I played inspiring yoga chanting and meditation music while I cooked my family’s dinner, while I cleaned, while I rested and even while I went on walks. This was part of my meditation, and I often used it to unwind in the evening instead of my other vices. This was honouring my ears and their connection to my spirit.


I honoured my body using natural/organic beauty products. I skin-brushed and lathered luxurious organic creams and essential oils over my wonderful body in an act of honour for the long years it has carried me. This I loved the most. As a mum who often does her hair in traffic on the way to school/day care drop offs – this was a beautiful ritual. It was all about accepting my body, empowering my sense of physical being. It was a time to breathe the words “I forgive you”. It was a time of self-love.

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I made spaces for me and my family to enjoy. I tidied up with purpose and organised these spaces so I could rest and rejuvenate within them. Even if that is one room in your home that you can maintain as sacred, it will offer you a retreat. That retreat can become an act of honour also. I reveled on my front veranda making a make-shift day bed from an old cot and read stories to my children in the afternoon sun. Easy! and something I will continue to do.

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You see, everything can become meditative and mindful when you are committed to making room to honour these rituals.

I did small things that threw an anchor into the life I wanted to create. I bought a deck of cards to spend some quality time with my husband. We used to play cards before children while listening to music, laughing, bantering and having a good time. I missed that. I wanted to reconnect with him. I bought a new story book to read to my children. A big one that we can make a ritual of reading long stories every night (and on the veranda). These were investments into a more ‘connected’ life. (This is my man and me – I love you Shane)

iPhone 273

All of these things make for a wholesome detox. A detoxification of the old habits that were keeping me unwell. It made my juice detox so rewarding and wildly healing. I hope it does for you too!


I tell my clients to not get too fussy when it comes to juicing. Buy a juicer and go for it. The only rule I like to use is

7:2 ratio of Vegetable:Fruit

You will see in my recipes that even I don’t always abide by that – but I always work to increase the vegetable content and keep the fruit content low or use low GI fruits. I also wanted to use practical and simple ingredients so that it was achievable. I am a mum and I don’t want to be out there searching for a rare tropical expensive fruit for a particular juice blend. But if you wish to do that – go for it! No holds barred. I also tried to mix it up with ingredients and play on certain textures and flavours. If you are drinking juices only, they need to interesting, satisfying and magic in your mouth.

Each day I will post 2 new juice recipe’s via facebook and this blog. Please share these recipes with your friends and speak to them about this journey. Invite them to join in?

The First Juice to start you on your journey is:

Sunrise Green Juice

#zingy #fresh #invigorating

1 peeled lemon

1 peeled orange

2 stalks of celery

1 whole Lebanese cucumber

2 leaves of fresh kale

2 slices of ginger (or to taste)

iPad 176 iPad 167 iPad 153

Oh and that is me. The “before” shot. The “after” shot to come……..

*Angry music played on earphones, usually at the gym on the treadmill, in the car with no children, or when house was vacated (Not a fan of explicit lyrics and children) #FYI

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