Vitality Lunch Challenge Day 4

Avocado Chunk Salad with Nori

We are so time-poor these days. Small gaps are stolen by iPhones, work, emails, children and house-hold chores. It can be hard to find balance when so many things seems out of our control’. There are however, some things as parents and mothers we can control, and that is our food choices. The power to eat well rests in our hands, and the benefits are magnifold. We become happier, more fulfilled and our food habits are passed on to the next generation ~ our children. This is most important as our world becomes governed by highly manufactured/processed food habits.
Todays super quick and easy lunch is:

Avocado chunk salad with Nori and Fresh Herbs

You will need:
1 large ripe avocado roughly chopped
1/4 sheet of Nori or Nori Strips/Dulse Flakes
Fresh handful of Parsley & Coriander
A tbsp of Black Syrian Pepitas (or regular pepitas)
1 Lime
1 tablespoon of Olive/Avocado oil
Himalayan salt to season
A dash of Apple Cider Vinegar (optional)
A small scattering of Organic Coconut threads

If you want more, add some chopped cucumber to add crunch!

This is easy! Cut it up. Put in bowl. Mix ingredients. Add the dressing, or just the fresh lime juice (this stops the Avocado from spoiling).
Great textures, soft silky avocado, crunchy cucumber, flavoursome pungent herbs, oceanic seaweed and that great zingy dressing. You will be feeling fresh and zesty after this one!
AND it makes for a great side dish, or mountain wrap too!


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