My UN-edited article for the Port Macquarie News


As a Naturopath I often find myself in the situation of counseling parents about their fears and concerns with immunising their children. I am in this position mostly, I believe because of a lack of support and understanding from GP’s. This concerns me.

The notion that the parents of Non-Vaccinated children are stupid, selfish and lazy is absolutely untrue. Most of the people I see and communicate with are intelligent and educated people who hold reasonable concerns for the well being of their family and children. 

There are many reasons why people choose not to vaccinate. Some of the concerns expressed in my clinic include:

Adverse reactions, long-term complications associated with vaccinations; There may be a history or memory of a negative reaction they had to a vaccination; they want to know more about the additives and other active ingredients used in Vaccines to both stabilize and preserve them, and they desire more support by their GP or health provider when expressing their concerns and fears. GP’s and the AMA have some changes to make to prove to these apprehensive parents that what they are choosing to do is safe.

I do not play the devil’s advocate on this issue. It is contentious and emotive. However, the latest remarks from the AMA have only served to segregate children and inflame the issue. A child’s education should not to be used as leverage for the Vaccination debate, and their right to education not held as ransom over the choices that their parents made.

As a professional I do NOT see it my role to persuade people either way. My role is to support where needed and to improve the over-all health and wellbeing of that individual. It is a subject I would prefer their GP’s to manage, but people are turning away. They are seeking more information independently. This needs to be addressed before denying children the opportunity of an education.

The Australian journalist Natasha Bita recently won the prestigious Walkley Award for her article which exposed the Flu Vaccine Scandal in Australia. This is the type of story and incident that has parents questioning the safety of these medicines, especially when it may affect their children. After all, it is not just about the Vaccine, and what it is for. It is about standing by the medicine behind it and the trust in what is said to be ‘safe’.

Melanie Robinson Naturopath BHSc specialises in Women & Children’s health, Contributor to The Natural Parent Magazine & Sacred Pregnancy Magazine.

Port Macquarie News 10/5/13

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